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Drew S.

October 27, 2018

I moved to Barcelona in the summer of 2018 after a year in Madrid, having only visited the city once many years before and not knowing a soul. Lucky for me, I ended up at the Landing Pad with Steve and Lupe! I was immediately made a part of an international group of friendly and interesting people living in the city for the mid-to-long term, and what’s more, had access to the community of ex-Padders who ended up staying in Barcelona permanently. I ended up living at “the Pad” for three months, and I still miss so many things about my time there, like the morning chats over coffee in the work room or the late afternoon cookouts on the terrace. In short, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as someone moving to Barcelona not knowing the city or anyone in it.


Highly recommend!


-Drew S. (Information Security Analyst)

Jay Kilby

August 31, 2017

As a recent guest I highly encourage you to experience A Landing Pad. Situated atop the emerging neighbourhood of Poble Sec, A Landing Pad is a great base for excursions to the adjoining park and also walking distance to most central sights and coworking cafe's. What really separates the A Landing Pad experience is the social side - by requiring a month min stay it allows you to form friendships with fellow guests at a relaxed slower pace. Overall I found the BarcelonaColiving experience rewarding and look to replicate it both here and elsewhere in the future

August 28, 2017

I stayed for a month in A Landing Pad. As an active digital nomad, I always struggle with my productivity but BCN and the @BarcelonaColiving space was perfect combination to overcome that! I had great work flow, met cool people there and enjoyed the city!

Michael Monin

August 23, 2017

Was an amazing experience in this place. I'm working online while traveling and i wanted a place to meet entrepreneur, people with the same mindset with who I could share vision / tips and advices. Rooms are really nice too, and the rooftop is AMAZING :) I hope to pass by again ! Enjoy my volleyball net guys :D

August 12, 2017

Words don't explain how happy I was with (a) the community and (b) the service.

Steve and Fernanda are great hosts and they quickly become friends like everyone else in the household.

They are super fast and efficient at responding to any inquiry or request. The apartment is clean and amazing.

I made some really great long lasting friends there. I recommend it full heartedly as you will definitely enjoy your stay.

Thanks a bunch!! #colivingcoloving

Milena Kovačević

July 19, 2017

If in a month and a half you thrive from "hm, okaay, it looks fine..." to call a place your home, it says a lot about a place, doesn't it?A Landing Pad Barcelona is a location where a "nomad" can settle for a while, centered in a quiet neighborhood (with exception of noisy, but adorable parrot-buddies nearby), and still very close to all cool places you wish to see in Barcelona. Whether you need a spot to sit and work without distraction, looking for a duellist in a game of ping-pong – wanna grab a delicious bite from Steve's famous BBQ, while swinging in a rocking net, or contemplating with a beautiful rooftop view on Sagrada Familia – it’s all provided to you in A Landing Pad Barcelona.

Co-living is sometimes just an expression, but in this locus, people actually tend to like each other and even I, with a "slightly" introverted personality:D, managed to find some great people and realized some of them will stay my friends for life. And, of course, every home needs a dad, who takes care of things and makes sure everything is in order. Dad's name is Steve and he will not let you down. Steve and Fernanda will do everything to make sure you feel at home. All in all A Landing Pad  siempre tendrá un lugar especial en mi corazón!

Ericka Cascante

July 10, 2017

"Great place to work, socialize and live in Barcelona. Steve and co. will make your stay very pleasant and they will make sure you have everything you need! Conveniently located near the metro, beach and cool areas in town! Highly recommend!!

Jan Hermans

July 01, 2017

After living in different hostels or flatshares for the last two years, I was really interested in the idea of Coliving. I was looking for an affordable place to stay for one month, close to the city. If you are looking for a combination of living in the city, meeting and living with new people (without saying "goodbye" after a few days) AND having your privacy when you need it - this is the place to be! Supermarkets, bars and Metro station just a few minutes walk and in general a nice and quiet neighborhood. It felt like home after a few days. Whenever I come back to Barcelona, I will stay at A Landing Pad. Muchas gracias to the @BarcelonaColiving Team and everyone I was living with for this awesome time.

Rain Kärner

July 09, 2017

What I like the most about @BarcelonaCoLiving is that it enables to form a good community and friendships with people from all over the world who are not just staying for couple nights, but for a longer period. The Basic room, where I stayed covered my main needs and most of the time I spent in the common areas anyways. Common areas are awesome!

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